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image * Understanding the ministry
  of faith $ 5.00
* Authority healing & you $ 5.00
* Learning to receive from God for
  yourself Part I $ 5.00
* Learning to receive from God for
  yourself Part II $ 5.00
* A time for miracles Part I $ 5.00
* A time for miracles Part II $ 5.00
* Faith worketh by Love $ 5.00
* Understanding the operations of the       Holy Ghost $ 5.00
* Be Healed In Jesus name $ 5.00
* Developing the Force Faith $ 5.00
* Overcoming the dominion of darkness (spiritual warfare) $ 5.00
* The Supernatural Power that is in the name of Jesus Christ $ 5.00
* Understanding the ministry of the Holy Ghost $ 5.00
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image We believe this powerful biblically based tape series is vitally important to the believer that wants to see the manifestations of blessing and increase in their lives. This powerful tape series will show you how to stand on the word of God as well as increase your faith for every situation in life. These simple truths will bring you practical spiritual insight from the word of God concerning Godís plan for the financial increase of the believer.

Prayer, Faith & Finances $ 15.00


Pastor Ellis Stelly teaches a powerful message on the supernatural power of God available to those who believe on the name of the Lord Jesus Christ. We believe this message will raise the level of your faith to believe God for the supernatural manifestations that are our in Jesus name because now is the time for miracles.

A Time For Miracles (DVD) $ 10.00

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