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Blessing through Partnership

Contrary to what some may think there is a spiritual value in partnership. We believe that partnership is not about trying to get something from Godís people for the purpose of meeting a selfish non-ministry need. No, partnership with Seed of Life Evangelistic Ministries is about Godís people coming together to put their faith and spiritual strength together to get the gospel out to those that need to hear it for the purpose of being trained and perfected in the things of God.

We ask that you pray and ask the Lord Jesus Christ Himself if this ministry is worthy of your hard earned seed. As you are led by the Holy Ghost, act in whatever way the Holy Ghost has directed you.

Should the Holy Ghost prompt you to render aid and assistance to this work that the Lord has blessed us with, please donít just sow your seed. Speak over your seed and then sow it in faith that it shall bring forth a return harvest for your own life and ministry.

The following are some scripture references that we hope that you will use when sowing your seed into this ministry:

Confession For Connecting To This Ministry In Partnership

Philippians 4:17
Philippians 4:19
Philippians 4:23
Luke 6:38

Thank you so much for your support of this ministry. Our prayer and hearts desire is that God shall send a quick return of blessing, healing and increase in you life and ministry today in Jesus name. Amen

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